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The foundation to our success!

As with any service organization, our ability to deliver value, quality, right thinking and competence in planning and execution is built on a foundation of highly qualified people. LaFlamme Consulting Group is a collective of experienced professionals who are a consistent source of value to the people we serve. They come from the corporate world, marketing and communication agencies, destination management companies, government agencies, production companies, hotel industry and more. Over the course of their careers they have serviced many industries: Insurance, Health Care, Technology, Automotive, Biotechnology, Telecommunication, Finance, Investment & Securities, Retail, Consumer Products, Government, Sport Sponsorship and Marketing, just to name a few.

Our associates have decades of industry experience and bring a deep understanding of your unique culture and the high level of quality you expect and deserve. There is a value in working with a company small enough to care and with the owners intimately involved, but also experienced enough to produce any program anywhere in the world.

Members of our Staff Alliance are solution finders with a proactive approach to understanding your specific needs, and developing the plan and path to get where you need to be. They are client-centric, flexible, well-tuned, smart, creative, world-travelled, multi-lingual and performance-driven.

In addition to our core team, we’ve built a just-in-time workforce, a select network of experts from all corners of this industry and the world. We focus on delivering the work you want completed, not on impressive offices or unnecessary overhead. This approach is reliable, cost effective and beneficial to you and to our company.

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